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Roof replacement or repair should be done by professionals because they require specific skills, tools and materials. Any minor mistake or ignorance can cost the whole building and the owner as it can lead to big problems and complications. It can also be dangerous, and home owners and commercial building owners are often advised to never repair a roof on their own. However, if it is necessary that you should repair your own roof, South Side roofing recommends that you start with asphalt shingle to help maintain roof safety.

Weather is unpredictable. Extreme weather conditions such as a storm can cause serious damage to your roof. A poorly done roof is likely to get damaged by torrential rains, hurricanes, tornadoes, hail, windstorms and even heavy snow. A strong roof with strong gutters will protect your building from the strongest and harshest storms Some of the signs to check after a heavy storm include:

  • Granule loss on shingles
  • Some curling, buckling and missing parts in large parts of the roof.
  • Dented, loose or missing shingles • Seal damage from ice dams
  • The building is older than 25 years
  • Elements such as rain and sunshine making it through the roof to the room.
  • When you frequently keep fixing the roof and spending more time and money than you would have on new roof replacement.

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It is important to do research as a commercial building owner before making any purchase or replacement decision regarding your roof. Installation of commercial roofing is often complex and takes more time than residential roofing which is quick and hassle-free. For premium and comprehensive roofing services, contact the South side roofing company. Our well-trained roofers have all the skills to repair, re-roof as well as removal of snow.

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The first thing our roof technician does is to inspect the roof and provide a detailed report on the condition of the roof and make an estimation of the cost. The company can then work with the insurance company if there are any once the repairs get approved.

When shingles are destroyed or in poor condition, your roof may be exposed to elements such as UV light and water leakage from storms thus destroying your personal property and risking your security. Our company emphasizes on fixing the roof as soon as you detect a problem. Some of these problems may trigger bigger problems in the future. The longer you wait to address any roofing problem the greater the impact and cost of repairs.

South side Roofing offers professional roofing service for all types of roofs. Our roof experts are fully insured to ensure you get fast, reliable, dependable and excellent services. With our extensive experience and knowledge in the roofing industry, we are and have been serving St. Louis and the surrounding Metro areas.

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